Cab lift

Your requirement, our solution
We have been making cab lifts for decades, to give you a perfect view of the work. We have our own engineering department, which means we can design the lift to meet your exact needs.

Scissor/tilt cab
Our scissor cab lift is the most compact lift on the market and provides a stable base, even at great heights. The frame is constructed in such a way as to ensure the cab is mounted very close to the frame. Hoses and electric cables are guided through the frame, which ensures maximum protection. With the optional tilt function, you can easily monitor the greatest heights.

Lift/tilt cab
Our lift cab lets you choose a cab that goes up vertically and does not protrude. This lift is ideally suited for working close to the machine. The tilt function means you can also oversee work at great heights with ease.

Fixed lift
The fixed cab lift is popular with recycling companies that are sorting waste every day and use the machine in their own yards. A smart and efficient solution that ensures maximum visibility for your operator.

Elm Bouwmachines has
... More than 35 years of experience
... Specialized in customization
... Wide range of construction vehicles